Structure Less

Structure Less
Structure Less

It is a Self-supported structure without trusses, purlins or ancillary support, with unobstructed clear spans 9 metres to 35 metres.

It provides larger enclosed volumes, free movement & effective handling of goods and higher flexibility in space utilization.

Roofing panels are mechanically seamed (inter-locked) and they are free from holes, nuts, bolts, overlaps or sealants, ensures zero maintenance and also resistance to extreme weather conditions.

This unique mechanical seaming of panels ensures 100% leak-proof roofs.

No bird nuisance and hence provides cleaner and more hygienic buildings

This innovative technology facilitates on-site panel forming and installation, giving incredible installation speed of around 2000 sq. mtrs in 12 hrs. Flexibility and enhanced efficiency with superior workmanship ensures faster project turnaround.

Distinguishing arch shape and flexibility of colours result in strong aesthetic appeal.

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