Prem Industries offers wide range of accessories and rain water systems to meet the customers expection. The accessories are designed to take care of the purpose of the clients and to meet the aesthetic appearance. It provides an effective and efficient system providing total roofing solutions to the clients.

Accessories are also available in small , medium , heavy and customized sizes as per client's requirements

Ridge Caps : Ridge Caps are available in similar colors as that of profile sheets.

Technical Specification

Gutter M
Gutter (M)
Valley Gutter M
Valley Gutter (M)
Down Pipe
Down Pipe
End Caps
End Caps
Louver Window
Louver Window
Barge Cap M
Barge Cap (M)
Corner Trim M
Corner Trim (M)
Drip Trim M
Drip Trim (M)
L Flashing M
L Flashing (M)
Ridge M
Ridge (M)
The below dimensions indicated are approximate with the usual tolerance applicable

Crest fixing for Trap Profile
< 0.80mm TCT
SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 55mm long DTSS
For Cladding Valley Fixing
< 0.80mm TCT
SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 25mm long
For Corrugation < 0.60mm
SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 45mm long or 55mm long
For Tile Roof SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 20mm long
For overlap Fixing SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 20mm long
For Accessories POP Rivet


Hot dipped galvanized with high durable protective triple coated, Self Tapping Screw (STS) Self Drilling Screw (SDS) to suit domestic and industrial roofing in customized colors matching your colorful roof

Use recommended fasteners only. Poor quality fasteners can damage the sheets in the long run as corrosion of the components may get transferred to color coated metal sheets.

For fixing SDS Screws

For fixing SDS Screws

Use Torque adjustable electronic gun screw driver with a capacity of 500 w and @ 2000 - 2500 rpm