Air Ventilators

Air Ventilators
Air Ventilators

Wind Turbo Ventilator
Wind Turbo Ventilation System works on the principle to exhaust over heated & moisture-laden air. Proper ventilated attic/premises fresh air inside via inlates.

Key Features

  • Runs only on natural wind energy
  • No electricity or generator required
  • Noiseless and cost effective
  • Exhausts heat, humidity, smoke & dust
  • Releases suffocation
  • No maintenance cost
  • No accidental hazards like fire due to short-circuits, electrical shocks
  • Low cost of installation
  • Assured ventilation for 24 hrs./365 days
  • Protects food products and chemicals
  • Remove foul smell and maintain hygienic condition
  • 80% depreciation under section 32 of IT act

Applications for Industries:
Melting Process Units, Steel & Power Industries, Rolling Mills, Furnace Unit, Textile Industries, Rice Mill, Food Industries, Plastic Industries, Chemical Industries, Dyeing Mills, Hospitals, Hospitalities Industries, Diamond Industries, Auto Industries, Paper Industries, Engineering Units, Wooden Industries, Warehouses, Storage Units, Pharma Industries, Oil & gas Industries & All kind of industries having roof top ventilation.