Product Superiority

Prem Industries : A Complete Roofing Solution
Our range of Pre-Engineered Buildings, Roofing, Cladding and Rainwater Systems, made from raw materials of the highest quality in accordance with strict ASTM / JIS / AS and IS standards, offers flexibility of design to suit any construction need be at your FACTORY, WAREHOUSE, HOTEL, RESTAURANT, SCHOOL, COLLEGE, GARDEN SHED, GARAGE, ROOF TOP, FARM HOUSE, SHELTERED WALKWAYS & SECURITY GUARD SHELTER. Our products are made to meet your aesthetic needs as well

WHY CHOOSE Prem Inustries ?

Attractive Colors and Flexible Design
With Prem Inustries color material products you can explore your creativity when designing and constructing yourbuilding. You get to choose from a range of attractive colors and the flexibility of design gives you the opportunity to model your dream structure.

Convenient and Quick Solutions
Prem Inustries 's range of Pre-Engineered Building products offer quick, convenient readymade building solutions to industrial and domestic building needs.

Economical Products
Prem Inustries 's range of products are economical and very durable, thus saving on construction and maintenance costs in comparison with related traditional products.

Resistance to Extremities of Weather
Prem Inustries Color material products are engineered to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the south Asian region. They are robust and designed to resist rough weather conditions.

Low Maintenance
Prem Inustries ’s range of products are made with specialized layers of color and protective coating and these resist corrosion, cracking, peeling and chipping. As a result the product lasts longer.

Our Range of Products
Our wide range of roofing products consist of Trapezoidal profile, Mandarin tile, Wall cladding, Corrugation profile, Curvings-Crimpings and variety of accessories like flashings, Ridges, bargecaps, louvers, gutters, down pipes etc. We can also offer double skin, single skin, FRP, Poly Carbonate, Wind types etc.

Pre-Engineered Buildings
Prem Inustries Pre-Engineered building structure offers a wide range of readymade building solutions, which are convenient and economical for both factory and domestic building needs. Prem Inustries PEBs saves you the hassle and headache of having to find material, labour and the related costs that come with it. Simply contact us and we will provide you the Total Solution for any of your building needs.